All Universal LCD LED TV Board Service Menu Codes

Hello Friends, I Am Asif Gillani & This is my blog in this post I will show you all the smart and universal LCD LED TV Board Service Menu Codes With LCD LED TV and change the settings on your requirements. If You can batter understand about Service Mode of LCD LED TV. So you can see all Smart and universal LCD LED TV Board Service Menu codes For Free.

Chaina Universal Board Service Menu Code:

➤  Menu+1147
➤  Menu+1183
➤  Menu+1185
➤  Menu+1187
➤  Menu+2008
➤  Menu+7050
➤  Menu+2580
➤  Menu+8202
➤  Menu+7343
➤  Menu+1999
➤  Menu+0000
➤  Menu+1167
➤  Menu+1199
➤  Menu+2383
➤  Menu+2387
➤  Menu+8893
➤  Menu+1234
➤  Menu+4725
➤  Source+3138
➤  Source+2580
➤  Source+2583
➤  Source+2585
➤  Source+2283
➤  Source+2285
➤  Source+7342
➤  Source+0000
➤  Source+3137
➤  Source+3195Changhong Ruba Service Menu Code:
Menu:  1125
Menu:  1147
Menu:  2580
Menu:  0816
Source: 3138
Source: 1125
Source: 42580
Source: 3130Orient Service Menu Code:
Source:           2588/2580
Input :              2580/2588

Haier Service Menu Code:

Menu: 1147 Menu 8893
Menu:  4578
Menu:  Highlight Audio 8893
Menu:    8202
Press Menu  Exit press 1999/Press OkEcostar Service Menu Code:

Menu:  2008
Menu:  2508
Menu:  8002
Menu:  8202

Samsung service menu Code:

Switch Off info Menu Mute Power
On Standby Press Mute 182+Power

LG service menu Codes:

Press & Hold the Menu Butten Until 4 Digit Password Displayed:
➤    0413
➤    8741
➤    8878
➤    7777
➤    0000
➤    8743
Videocon Service Menu Codes:
Menu:   123
Menu:   0323
Menu:   1947
Menu:   1147
Menu:   6483
Menu:   Sound+8532
Symphony Service Menu Codes:
Input Source: 2580
Vestel Service Menu Codes:
Menu: 4725 Then Select Reset
Vision Quest Service Menu Codes:
Input Source: 2580
Philips Service Menu Codes:
062596+Menu +Info +Status
Coby Service Menu Codes:
Enter Menu Hi-Lite Audio Then Enter 8893
Mode+Source 2580

Onida Service Menu Codes:
Menu: PIC,Contrest,9735
Menu:  PIC,Contrest,1950
Source: 2580

Nobel TCL Service Menu Codes:
Menu,Contrest 1950,9735

Skyward Service Menu Codes:
Source: 3195
Menu:     sound set up volume 9527
Volume:  O menu Brightness 2648

Sharp Service Menu Codes:
Menu: 1147
Menu: 1999
Menu: 3481

Elemant Service Menu Codes:
Menu:  0000
Menu: 1147

Philips Service Menu Codes:


22PFL 4407V7 LCD menu+2580
22PFL 5557/V7 LED menu+2580
24PFL 5557V7 LED menu+2580
24PFL 5957V7 LED menu+2580
32PFL 4537V7 LED menu+2580
32PFL 4737/V7 LED menu+2580
32PFL 5537V7 LED menu+2580
32PFL 5937V7 LED menu+2580
22PFL 5237V7 LED menu+2580
24PFL 3457V7 LED menu+2580
24PFL 5007V7 LED menu+2580
24PFL 5237/V7 LED menu+2580
24PFL 5637/V7 LED menu+2580
24PFL 5637/V7 LED menu+2580

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