SKR.03 Universal LED Board Software Free Download

SKR.03 Is A Universal LED TV Board. SKR 03 Supports Resolution 1920×1080. Mirror display option also in it. Multi USB Ports VGA PC Antenna interface, Audio In Audio Out Headphones, HDMI Ports Also Supports Other Common ports. Software Upgradeable and Multimedia Playback Support.

SKR.03 Universal LED TV Board Information:

Model: SKR.03
Chipset: RDA 8501
Resolution: Up to 1920×1200
Aspect Ratio:  4:3, 16:9 & 16:10

Mirror Display: Yes

Capture Logo:  Yes


Panel Interface:   Single channel or Dual channel LVDS


Input-Output Ports:HDMI VGA USB TV interface and Earphone Out

Audio O P Power:  2 x 3 Watt 8 ohm

Panel Voltage: +3.3V+5V+12V DC

USB Port:  Yes Software Upgrade and Multimedia Playback Support

Maximum Current: 2000mA Without Panel

Input Voltage:DC +12 Volt

Standby Power: 0.2W for the motherboard only

Current for USB:   500mA

Menu Code: Menu+1147

How to Download SKR.03 Universal Board Firmware:

1.Download Software file

2.Extract the RAR file


3.Copy to SD Card USB bin file

4. Insert in SKR.03 Universal Board5. Few seconds Awaiting for red indicator light will start blinking

6. Wait when still led light stops blinking

7.After this led light will still on the red light

8. Remove the USB Disk

9. Done! firmware successfully installed.

Note The following given SKR 03 Software is USB upgradeable TechnologySack, Team is not Responsible for any type of damage in result with loading To installing Software Problem.

Click Here To Download SKR.03 Universal Board Software:

No Card Resolution Download Link
1 SKR.03 All Resolution_USB.part01 Download
  SKR.03 All Resolution_USB.part02 Download
  SKR.03 All Resolution_USB.part03 Download
  SKR.03 All Resolution_USB.part04 Download
  SKR.03 All Resolution_USB.part05 Download
  SKR.03 All Resolution_USB.part06 Download
  SKR.03 All Resolution_USB.part07 Download
  SKR.03 All Resolution_USB.part08 Download
  SKR.03 All Resolution_USB.part09 Download
  SKR.03 All Resolution_USB.part10 Download

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