TP.VST59S.63KP QT563KP Software Download All Resolution:

TP.VST59S.63KP QT563KP LCD/LED TV Board Software Free Download All Resolution:

Hello, Friends, I Am Asif Gillani & This Is my Blog Is the best Android Smart LED TV Board TP.VST59S.63KP QT563KP In this post I will show you How to Download Universal & Smartboard Software How to install or Update Software you can download Smart LED Board Software All Resolution for Free Thanks.

TP.VST59S.63KP QT563KP Board Information:

Model:                         TP.VST59S.63KP QT563KP

Brand:                         China Universal OEM
LED TV System:         PAL SECAM Ntsc Play Back
Voltage:                        220V AC
Back light Watt:          25W 400mA
Resolution:                  30-39″ Glass Panel
Service Menu:             1147
How to Update TP.VST59S.63KP QT563KP Software Free Download All Resolution From This Blog:

1366x768_China_USB Resolution Click Here To Download

Card Resolution Download Link
TP.VST59S.63KP QT563KP IBV-32 Inch-Backup Dump Download
TP.VST59S.63KP QT563KP Samsung-3D-32 Inch-Backup Dump Download
TP.VST59S.63KP QT563KP Sony-KDL32W7054-Backup Dump Download
TP.VST59S.63KP QT563KP YushChenkoJL-32X-Backup Dump Download
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