TP.VST59.P67 Universal Controller Board Software Free Download is the best site to download Smart Universal Combo Board Software download All Resolution in this post you can download TP.VST59.P67 All Resolution software free download.TP.VST59.P67 Universal LCD LED controller board Display format supported 1920×1200 Resolution panel 19” to 26” inch supported factory menu code menu + 1147.

How to update TP.VST59.P67 Software:

Download Software file

Extract the RAR file

Copy to USB Disk bin file

Insert in TP.VST59.P67 Universal Board

Few seconds waiting for red indicator light will start blinking

Wait when still led light stops blinking

After this led light will still on the red light

Remove the USB Disk

Done! firmware successfully installed

Here You can Download TP.VST59.P67 Software All Resolution:

Card Resolution Download Link
1_TP.VST59.P67 General_1024_768_6bit Download
2_TP.VST59.P67 General_1024x768 Download
3_TP.VST59.P67 General_1366x768 Download
4_TP.VST59.P67 General_1600x900 Download
5_TP.VST59.P67 General_1680x1050 Download
6_TP.VST59.P67 General_1920x1200 Download
7_TP.VST59.P67 General_DO6L_1024_768 Download
8_TP.VST59.P67 General_DO8L_1024_768 Download
9_TP.VST59.P67 General_1920_1080_MAP7 Download
10_TP.VST59.P67 General_1920_1080_MAP10 Download
11_TP.VST59.P67 General_1920_1080_RB Download
12_TP.VST59.P67 General_1920_1080_SWAP_PORT Download
13_TP.VST59.P67 General_1920x1080 Download
14_TP.VST59.P67 General_LTA550HJ12_1920_1080 Download
15_TP.VST59.P67 Other Mix Resolutions.part1 Download
15_TP.VST59.P67 Other Mix Resolutions.part2 Download
15_TP.VST59.P67 Other Mix Resolutions.part3 Download
15_TP.VST59.P67 Other Mix Resolutions.part4 Download

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