HK.T.RT2968P61 LED TV Board Software Free Download

HK.T.RT2968P61 LED TV Board Software Free Download All Resolution:

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HK.T.RT2968P61 led board software download

General Specifications:

Model: HK.T.RT2986P61

Main Chipset:  VX628B / RT2984D

Resolution: 1920×1080

CPU: Quad-core processor

OS: Android 4.4

Ram: 512Mb

Storage: 4Gb

Audio Output: 2X8 W  8Ω

Backlight: 30 V to 94 V, 600mA

Backlight: 45 W

Service Code: Menu 1147

Mirror Mode: No

Multi-Language: Yes

Here: HK.T.RT2986P61 Software file for Free Download:

HK.T.RT2968P61 Software part1:   Download
HK.T.RT2968P61 Software part2:   Download
HK.T.RT2968P61 Software part3:   Download
HK.T.RT2968P61 Software part4:   Download
HK.T.RT2968P61 Software part5:   Download

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