CVX10H.A42 Software Free Download

You are on TechnologySack. This is the Best blog about Electronics Technology like Mobile Phones Apps Software Reviews Android Apps Games Computers Laptop LCD LED TV Software Firmwares Play Station Gaming System Android Smart Watches PC TV Devices All Android Devices Android TV Box Dish TV Receiver All Wifi Devices. In this post, you can download CVX10H.A42 LED TV Smart Board Software Free Download.

CVX10H-A42 Smartboard full specification

Model: CVX10H-A42

Supported Resolution: up to 1920×1080

Screen Size:  Up to 46″ Inch


Internal Storage: 8GB ROM

Software Type: CVX10H-A42 Program Data USB Upgradeable

How To Update CVX10H-A42 Software:

  • Download The Software
  • Extract the RAR file
  • Copy the bin file into USB Drive
  • Insert the USB Drive into Smart LED Board
  • After few seconds red indicator light will start blinking
  • Please wait until LED lights stop blinking
  • After this led light will still on a red light
  • Remove the USB Disk
  • Power on the smartboard from remote
  • Done & Enjoy Software is successfully installed.

Note: The following provided Software upgradeable. Technology Sack team is not responsible for any case of damage result from installing the Software.

Click Here To Download CVX10H-A42 Software:

No Card Resolution Download Link
1 CVX10H.A42 1366×768.8G.MGTV.Part1 Download
CVX10H.A42 1366×768.8G.MGTV.Part2 Download
CVX10H.A42 1366×768.8G.MGTV.Part3 Download
CVX10H.A42 1366×768.8G.MGTV.Part4 Download
CVX10H.A42 1366×768.8G.MGTV.Part5 Download
2 CVX10H.A42 1366×768.Mango.TV.32MQ1.Part1 Download
CVX10H.A42 1366×768.Mango.TV.32MQ1.Part2 Download
CVX10H.A42 1366×768.Mango.TV.32MQ1.Part3 Download
CVX10H.A42 1366×768.Mango.TV.32MQ1.Part4 Download
CVX10H.A42 1366×768.Mango.TV.32MQ1.Part5 Download
3 CVX10H.A42 1920×1080.Mango.TV.42MQ1.Part1 Download
CVX10H.A42 1920×1080.Mango.TV.42MQ1.Part2 Download
CVX10H.A42 1920×1080.Mango.TV.42MQ1.Part3 Download
CVX10H.A42 1920×1080.Mango.TV.42MQ1.Part4 Download
CVX10H.A42 1920×1080.Mango.TV.42MQ1.Part5 Download

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